Vacation Bible School is a power packed week of fun lessons & activates including: Music, Memory Verses, Bible Lessons, Games, Crafts, and Snacks all in an atmosphere that is safe and nurturing. Jesus desires us to “rebuild” our lives and become his followers. The Bible gives us the recipe: be ready for God’s call, trust in God, believe fully in Jesus and God’s Son, remember Jesus’ life and teachings, and celebrate God forever. VBS introduces children to stories of a biblical character that reveal these ingredients and link the Old Testament, the New Testament, and our lives today. Children who will be entering Kindergarten before August 31, 2017 through 8th graders may attend. We will be glad to have children under 4, however this year due to certain circumstances we will not be able to accommodate them and parents please be mindful of that. ***ONLINE REGISTRATION CLOSES SUNDAY, JULY 9, 2017 @ 6PM*** (Registration after this time must be completed in person.) Monday thru Friday 6:30-8:45PM Believers’ Bible Chapel, Carrollton, Texas

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2116 Old Denton Road,
Carrollton, TX 75006

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